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All training services are available — weather dependent.
  • Two-week board and train
  • Private Lessons One on One
  • Working Group Obedience classes
  • All training services are deposit based – deposits are non-refundable!
250 392 4480
Thank you for your interest.


Josy DoucetteJosy is capable of working with all breeds and behavioural temperaments. Home companion pets and hard-driven working dogs are all accepted at GOJU-RYU PRO-K9.

The proven ability of Josy Studer ensures that your canine friend – whether chronically shy or overtly aggressive – will be a pleasure to own, guaranteed.

Josy has been associated with the training and breeding of dogs since early childhood. She is a third generation dog professional.

Her grandmother, who ran a successful breeding kennel of Golden Retrievers and many other breeds in Europe-Switzerland for 30-plus years, passed this knowledge on to Josy’s parents. They then continued the breeding of both registered Golden Retrievers and Standard Poodles when they immigrated as a family, to Canada in 1993.

Dogs have been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. In my world they not only served our family with companionship, but also supported us financially. One of my fondest childhood dog memories is of a typical “Appenzeller” Swiss cross named “Chico” that my father brought home one evening. "Chico" used to walk me to my bus stop, approximately one and a half kms away and then return home as if this was the most natural thing for him to do. He had no formal training or any registration papers. He was simply my best friend. It is stories and experiences such as these that have always fascinated me about dogs. I have developed many questions over the years about this amazing animal that most of us share our homes with and yet know so little of. I needed to know and find out how to access this wonderful animal more successfully.

Upon high school graduation, Josy completed a Social Services Certificate and a Human Service Worker Diploma at Thompson Rivers University. Nine years of experience working with atypical youth and adults equipped Josy with the adaptive skills of patience and understanding. The challenges of assisting people at risk, laid a strong foundation in realizing the importance of individual differences. It's vital to understand that you cannot "shoe-box" perceptions in either humans or our canine companions.

In 2009 Josy completed a three-year internship through Evans Training Centre. Don Evans, founder of Evans Training Centre and former owner, worked with Josy one-on-one. During her internship Josy trained and worked dogs successfully in the areas of obedience, personal protection and tracking. Upon completion of her internship in 2012 Don Evans sold Evans Training Centre and has since retired.

It was through my studies and my combination of working and training dogs at the same time that I had the realization how intertwined my skills were becoming. I was amazed and surprised to learn that many of the same principles were applicable when working with humans or animals. It became the most natural thing for me to work with dogs on a professional level.

I've been running my own kennel for several years now with hundreds of dogs "under my belt". My internship experiences laid a strong foundation in my professional career working dogs. My journey and experiences are always expanding as I am continually adding to my expertise. It is my opinion that true expertise evolves from life-long learning. It is for this reason that me and my life partner Eric, who also loves working with dogs, are continually attending seminars to further our training knowledge.

Dog training is practical not theoretical. Every dog I have had the privilege of working with has given me the opportunity to learn. One cannot call themselves a professional dog trainer by simply attending a course, reading a few books, or watching some Youtube videos. It is critical that one has had qualitative hands-on experience working dogs before one can call themselves an expert. In the world of dogs and – as they perceive it – we cannot apply just one method in order to successfully reach their fullest genetic potential. It is my job, as an experienced trainer, to assertively communicate to the animal my role and expectations, as well as teach the human owners how to correct or be successful and effective themselves. It is important to me to have every dog leave my facility highly trained and, even more importantly, to have the owner walk away feeling confident, assured, and dog educated.

You may ask yourself "Why would I bring my dog to a professional trainer?" Well, if you own a loving beautiful, kind, forgiving dog you have no need to ask. However, if you own a dog that may be obtuse, challenging, obstinate, hyperactive, not listening, avoiding, pulling, has a high pain threshold, lacks confidence, and is driving you crazy, you are on the path to seek professional advice. Or perhaps you simply want to increase your own dog knowledge and are interested in owning a professionally trained canine. At Goju-Ryu Pro-K9 every dog and owner is accepted and will be trained and educated!

Read my June 2012 interview in the Williams Lake Tribune

Boarding Kenneling Services

The KennelOur spacious indoor kennels are heated and insulated. The dogs have outdoor kennel options as well. Daily walking services are available upon request at an extra charge. Please contact us for space availability. We look forward to caring for your special canine companion!


     We are open seven days a week!
     Available for drop-off and pick-up at these hours:

     Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm

     Saturday: 8:30am to 10am
     No Saturday evening drop-off or pick-up available

     Sunday: 9am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm

     Drop-off and pick-up available by appointment only.

     Looking forward to caring for your K9!

Rates and Info.

  • $20.00 per day per dog.
  • Pick up before 11 am: no charge.
  • Pick after 11 am: full day charge.
  • Must provide proof of all up-to-date, vet recommended vaccinations including Kennel Cough.
  • Please bring food for the duration of your dog's stay. $5/day will be charged if your dog runs out.
  • Please bring bring safe bedding for your dog's stay.
  • Must provide a local emergency contact or someone nearby to act in case of emergency. $50/hr if you or the acting emergency contact cannot be reached within a resonable time frame to bring the dog to the vet for needed care. Make sure your emergency contact is aware and able.
  • $5.00/day for walking services. Please ensure that your dog arrives wearing a flat collar.
  • No need to bring leashes. Dishes and toys/chewing goodies welcomed and recommended!
  • Please allow yourself ten minutes to fill out all of the required paperwork.
  • A 48-hour cancellation policy is in effect. During peak times such as holidays or extended stays we may request customers to provide us with a deposit to hold space.
  • All services available by appointment only.

  • All breeds training – individual attention and daily training objectives
  • Level 1 Obedience – on-leash training, proofed around distractions
  • Level 2 Obedience – off-leash training with hand signals
  • Handler education and after-training support
  • Boarding and walking services
  • Medication Dispensation $5.00/day
  • Breeding of "true", working German Shepherd dogs
  • Life-long breeder support with guarantees
  • Litter assessments
  • Canine behaviour modification
  • Working dog agility
  • Stud services for working line German Shepherds
  • Private lessons
  • Working group obedience classes available spring and fall
  • Seminars

2790 Dog Creek Road, Williams Lake B.C.

HOW TO GET HERE: We are located a short 15 minutes out of Williams Lake heading west onto Dog Creek Road. Take the first right after the power lines where you will see our sign.

Our kennel is surrounded by acres of crown land - perfect for raising, training, and caring for dogs.

Josy and Alaskan Malamute Josy and Border Collie Cross Josy with pup Josy and Pit-Bull Josy and Cane-Corso



Josy Studer   •   2790 Dog Creek Rd.   •   Williams Lake   •   BC  V2G 4W8   •   Canada

Phone: 250 392 4480 or 250 267 2705      info@goju-ryu-pro-k9.ca


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