Breeding pups


Our puppies have arrived!
We had 5 females and 1 male, born April 15th, 2017.

Deposits are now being accepted!

Puppies will be suitable for working homes such as Search and Rescue,
personal protection, sport, competition, as well as active families
willing to attend obedience training.

Both Sire and Dam are proven working dogs in the areas of obedience, personal protection and tracking

Sire - Zeke
Sire: Euphoricfx Ezekiel Z Canczech "Zeke"

Zeke is a Fifth Generation TV/Film Dog, most recently appearing in a number of Episodes of the TV Series "Frequency". His Grandfather Canczech's Solo was the movie star starring in the famous family show, "Ace of Hearts" and modelled for the cover of "Wonder Dogs". Although friendly and a great family dog, Zeke, is a fully trained Personal Protection dog. We chose to add "Zeke" to our breeding program due to his stability, hard-biting power, as well as his overall excellent temperament.

Hips – Good         Elbows – Unknown
For videos or further pictures please view:

Sumi - Sunshadows Island

Dam: Sunshadows Island ("Sumi")

Sumi is first and foremost my personal family companion dog. She has successfully completed her official Level One Obedience - on leash as well as her Level Two Obedience -off leash training. She has been worked in tracking and has demonstrated great drive and endurance in her tracking experiences. As well as being an excellent overall dog she is also a fully-trained personal protection dog. 

She brings high drive and seriousness to any work session.

Sumi is a proven bitch having produced several excellent working quality pups. Two of her sons are presently serving our province, one of which is working right here in our community as a SAR dog. Please see the gallery!

Puppy pictures to come!

Hips – Good         Elbows – Normal

            Baby G


Sumi - Sunshadows Island
Available For Stud:
Swissgolden Sumis Ahachi-Ko (Hachi)


To approved working females only!

"Swissgolden Sumis Ahachi-Ko", born in 2013. He is a fully-trained personal protection dog as well as a validated patrol dog, currently working for the Vancouver B.C. Airport!

Hips – Good         Elbows – Normal

Mother and pupsOur dogs will truly represent what a German Shepherd should be: intelligent, athletic, stable, protective, versatile, and devoted. We also ensure that we only breed animals that have been health-checked. Hips and elbows are x-ray tested and OFA-certified to ensure longevity and health.

It is important to us to match the owner and puppy to the best of our abilities. We therefore evaluate the litter at a young age, checking the pups potential, individuality, and strengths. It is my hope to speak with my future puppy owners several times, to develop a working relationship in the hopes of learning which pup will best suit their needs. We take great pride in our dogs and believe so strongly in our services that we provide two-year guarantees. Please take some time to review the Puppy contract.

Goju-Ryu Pro-K9 also offers great training discounts to customers that have purchased a pup. I would be more than happy to discuss the specifics with you. Once you've shopped around - which is what I hope you do - and decide on one of our dogs, you will also receive life-long breeder support.

If you are interested in one of our quality-bred dogs or have any further questions, please contact us. A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to reserve a puppy from Goju-Ryu Pro-K9.

Puppies: $1500




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